music & sound design

Surf Próprio | film

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Sound post-production

The birth and rise of São Tomé’s first generation of surfers — from wooden boards to the World Junior Surf Championships.  

A film by João de Sousa featuring Miguel “Micha” Ribeiro, Jéjé Vidal Camblé and the Boys of Santana
Produced by LeJoy and Nukué
Production Manager: Tomás Valle
Image Assistant: João Castela
Sound editing, Foley and Mixing: Gil Amado
Image Post-production: LeJoy
Design & Communication: LeJoy

* Best National Film – SAL Surf At Lisbon Film Festival 2021
* Official Selection – Toronto Beaches Film Fest 2022
* Official Selection – San Francisco Frozen Film Fest 2022
* Official Selection – São Tomé Film Festival 2022